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7/8" Orion Mounting Hardware for 1 board AllenProduct #: OR-MTAL78

The perfect size for an exact fit when attaching the trucks directly to the deck with no riser pads or shock pads.8 x 10-32 UNF 7/8″ allen head bolts with matching nylon lock nuts and 7/8 allen key.

USD$ 3.00

Blem - Longboard PintailProduct #: 45027

7 ply Canadian Hardrock Maple 8.75-9 x 37-40-43-46 inchesDesigned for performance riding. This shape a fun rideThis Deck has radial concave and is pressed in the Camber mold.* These boards have mnior manufacturing Blems such as pressure cracks - minor wood defects - oversanded edges - overcutted edges.

USD$ 25.00

USD$ 79.50

Tracker 5" Wing StickerProduct #: T145Y

Tracker 5" Wing Sticker

USD$ 2.00

Tracker Base GripProduct #: ABG

Base Grip was produced as an alternative to the thicker and heavier 1/8th inch rubber shock pads. The Tracker Base Grip has an adhesive back and is available in Black, Red, Blue and Pink colors with screen printed Tracker logo. They are packaged 2 pieces per pack. Supply is limited and base grip is not available in stores. Please specify color choice at checkout.

USD$ 1.00

Tracker 2" Wing StickerProduct #: T142Y 

Tracker 2" Wing Sticker

USD$ 1.00