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Tracker Hourglass replacement cushionsProduct #: TK-HR

Used pro dominantly on the RT-S or RT-X trucks with the 2.25″ kingpin, the top bushing is a 1/4″ taller.The Hourglass effects the turn and allows for a much quicker, snappier turns necessary in the slalom application, Though a lot of different riders have swapped out just the bottom bushing for the hour glass and loved the effects

USD$ 5.00

Large Tracker pivot bushings / pkg 2Product #: TK-04-LP

Large Tracker pivot bushings / pkg 2 for Tracker Dart series, Midtrack , Fulltrack, Fastrack series, Old school series

USD$ 3.00

Tracker Base GripProduct #: ABG

Base Grip was produced as an alternative to the thicker and heavier 1/8th inch rubber shock pads. The Tracker Base Grip has an adhesive back and is available in Black, Red, Blue and Pink colors with screen printed Tracker logo. They are packaged 2 pieces per pack. Supply is limited and base grip is not available in stores. Please specify color choice at checkout.

USD$ 1.00

Tracker Classic MidTrackProduct #: T-MID-SILVER

Manufactured for the upcoming Lords of Dogtown movie, we made some extras!These are just like the very early Tracker MidTracks of the late 1970’s and early 80’s. The hangers are high polished to beautiful shiny finish and feature Tracker’s second generation “gnarly” style pivot. The baseplates are cast from original molds and feature the old style bolt pattern only. The baseplates are also polished to a beautiful chrome-like finish and assembled with the utmost care. We are building these MidTracks with the original barrel style lower cushion and a traditional tall conical top cushion.

USD$ 30.00

Tracker GSD Pterodactyl DeckProduct #: T-GSD2

Flying in from an ancient sky, the Tracker GSD Pterodactyl deck has finally been reissued for the first time ever on its 30th anniversary. Clocking in at 9.25" x 30", which is a little bit wider and longer than the GSD Eyeball deck, the Pterodactyl features the same classic bomb shape, but with a wider tail. Available in a limited-edition of 105 decks, it comes in four silk-screened (not heat transferred) colorways: Deep Blue (a blue stain with light blue, light grey and white ink; Crimson (a red stain with red, beige and white ink); Purple (a purple stain with lavender, light blue and white ink; and Midnight (a black stain with orange, yellow and white ink). For the 2017 Pterodactyl deck reissue, which was manufactured at Watson Laminates (the same company who originally made 'em in 1987) GSD himself painstakingly re-drew the graphics in Illustrator, chose the colorways, and hand-signed and numbered all of the decks on the top. Each deck comes complete with a 16-page booklet made by GSD featuring rare photos and drawings from the period (a few unseen), and a history of the deck. Don't slumber! These decks will go extinct soon!

USD$ 79.99

Tracker pivot bushings / pkg 2Product #: TK-04-SP

Pivot bushings for Axis trucks, RTX and RTS ractrack

USD$ 3.00

TRACKER - Forty Years of Skateboard HistoryProduct #: T-BOOK


USD$ 49.99


Rubber shock pads give a smoother ride as well as added clearance (1/8″) for wheel bite. Available in the 6 hole pattern.Sold in packages of 2

USD$ 2.99


What used to be standard application is making a strong comeback in the performance side of skateboarding. Bearing spacers allow you to eliminate axle bite on your bearings and keep everything rolling a little more smoothly and quietly.Available in a pack of 4

USD$ 2.00

Tracker Mounting HardwareProduct #: T-MT

Available in sizes: 7/8″ • 1″ • 1.25″ • 1.5″ • 1.75″comes with 8 bolts and 8 nuts per package8 x 10-32 UNF 1″ phillips head bolts with matching nylon lock nuts.

USD$ 3.00

Tracker Pkg 2 kingpin nutsProduct #: TK-07

Tracker replacement parts - Pakaged 2 kingpin nuts

USD$ 2.00

Tracker Pkg 4 axle nutsProduct #: TK-11

Tracker replacement parts axle nuts - package 4 units

USD$ 2.00