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Tracker Dart SixTrack Model Truck 161mm BlackProduct #: T-DART-161-B

The Tracker Dart model takes it’s design and turn angle from the legendary Tracker’s of the late 1970’s. The Dart is commonly referred to as a medium height truck, in that the hanger allows for more clearance between the deck and wheel, which in turn means less wheel bite. Turning on the Tracker Dart model has been described as more of a surf feel. Stability at high speeds and aerial re-entry is smooth and predictable. Whether you’re skating backyard pools or kick flipping down a triple set, the Tracker Dart model is a predictable, stable truck that you can trust. Our Tracker Dart model is available in 8 sizes: 85mm (Mid-Track), 105mm (Fultrack),129mm, 139mm, 149mm, 161mm(new SixTrack), 184mm and the whopping 219mm. The 161 SixTrack, 184 and 219 are available in polished silver or black. Featuring Superball cushions.

USD$ 21.95

Tracker 1 kingpin w/nut 2.25"Product #: TK-03-2.25

Used in the RT-S and RT-X model Trackers the added length gives the rider more options in fine tuning and bushing choice, A very favorite among the slalom community.Tracker has kept the use of the Standard grade 8 kingpin and hex head design. This allows the customer relative ease in changing his/her kingpin.

USD$ 3.00

1-3/4" Orion mounting hardware for 1 board - PhillipsProduct #: TK-MT34

Used for specialty applications and board tweaks. Want too add a riser or two? These will help you out!8 x 10-32 UNF 1.75" phillips head bolts with matching nylon lock nuts.

USD$ 3.00

Tracker Classic Black bushingsProduct #: TT-G

Tracker Black bushings / cushions for old school trucks - 88A hardnessA set of 2 (top and bottom cushions) per truck.

USD$ 3.00

Abec 7bulk set of 8Product #: Abec7

Abec 7 bulk bearings - Quality bearings with no name brand - set of 8 peices

USD$ 12.00

Classic Midtrack HangarProduct #: T-MID-H

Classic Midtrack hangar replacement part that fits on Tracker Classic old school baseplates-hangar length = 3 1/2″-axle length = 6 “

USD$ 20.00

TRACKER - Forty Years of Skateboard HistoryProduct #: T-BOOK


USD$ 49.99

Tracker Fastrack Replacement Bushings - Blue (soft 75a)Product #: TK-FTBL

• Blue 75A – (soft) 75 durometer• Orange 80A – (medium) 80 durometer• Green 85A – (hard) 85 durometer

USD$ 5.00

Tracker Hourglass replacement cushionsProduct #: TK-HR

Used pro dominantly on the RT-S or RT-X trucks with the 2.25″ kingpin, the top bushing is a 1/4″ taller.The Hourglass effects the turn and allows for a much quicker, snappier turns necessary in the slalom application, Though a lot of different riders have swapped out just the bottom bushing for the hour glass and loved the effects

USD$ 5.00