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Tracker Top bushings soft Blue original NOSProduct #: oldbushing2

Tracker trucks top Blue bushings from the mid 1980'sSet of two top bushings . Available in soft 85A durometer only.

USD$ 3.00

Tracker 1 kingpin w/nut 2.25"Product #: TK-03-2.25

Used in the RT-S and RT-X model Trackers the added length gives the rider more options in fine tuning and bushing choice, A very favorite among the slalom community.Tracker has kept the use of the Standard grade 8 kingpin and hex head design. This allows the customer relative ease in changing his/her kingpin.

USD$ 3.00

Drive Shaft Cruiser Complete w/60mm Eye Wheels and 129mm DartsProduct #: TRDRC

The Tracker Cruizeline is for casual cruise ride on the streets. 7ply canadian hardrock maple with flat nose and good kicktail for quick steady ollies. The concave is medium high. 7.5 inch width X 27.5 in lenghth with WB 15.25 with Tracker Mid Tracks + Cruiser wheels 65m 83A

USD$ 89.99

USD$ 159.95

Tracker 9" Wing StickerProduct #: T149Y

Tracker 9" Wing Sticker

USD$ 4.00

Tracker 5" Wing StickerProduct #: T145Y

Tracker 5" Wing Sticker

USD$ 2.00

Tracker 2" Wing StickerProduct #: T142Y 

Tracker 2" Wing Sticker

USD$ 1.00

Tracker Rubber wedge padsProduct #: TT-PAD-RBW

Tracker Rubber wedge pads with 6 hole pattern

USD$ 4.99

Tracker Base GripProduct #: ABG

Base Grip was produced as an alternative to the thicker and heavier 1/8th inch rubber shock pads. The Tracker Base Grip has an adhesive back and is available in Black, Red, Blue and Pink colors with screen printed Tracker logo. They are packaged 2 pieces per pack. Supply is limited and base grip is not available in stores. Please specify color choice at checkout.

USD$ 1.00

Tracker Assorted Sticker PackProduct #: T14SP

NEW stickers just arrived! Another small batch of classic logo Tracker stickers arrived this week from the printers. These newest ones are the classic yellow and black – a color combination that ran in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The sticker pack has a total of 12 stickers and includes 2 of each of the various sizes and logos. Buy the pack and you save $9.00 than if you were to buy them seperately.

USD$ 15.00


Rubber shock pads give a smoother ride as well as added clearance (1/8″) for wheel bite. Available in the 6 hole pattern.Sold in packages of 2

USD$ 2.99


What used to be standard application is making a strong comeback in the performance side of skateboarding. Bearing spacers allow you to eliminate axle bite on your bearings and keep everything rolling a little more smoothly and quietly.Available in a pack of 4

USD$ 2.00