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Tracker pivot bushings / pkg 2Product #: TK-04-SP

Pivot bushings for Axis trucks, RTX and RTS ractrack

USD$ 3.00

Large Tracker pivot bushings / pkg 2Product #: TK-04-LP

Large Tracker pivot bushings / pkg 2 for Tracker Dart series, Midtrack , Fulltrack, Fastrack series, Old school series

USD$ 3.00

Tracker Classic Black bushingsProduct #: TT-G

Tracker Black bushings / cushions for old school trucks - 88A hardnessA set of 2 (top and bottom cushions) per truck.

USD$ 3.00

Tracker Fastrack Replacement Bushings - Blue (soft 75a)Product #: TK-FTBL

• Blue 75A – (soft) 75 durometer• Orange 80A – (medium) 80 durometer• Green 85A – (hard) 85 durometer

USD$ 5.00

Tracker Hourglass replacement cushionsProduct #: TK-HR

Used pro dominantly on the RT-S or RT-X trucks with the 2.25″ kingpin, the top bushing is a 1/4″ taller.The Hourglass effects the turn and allows for a much quicker, snappier turns necessary in the slalom application, Though a lot of different riders have swapped out just the bottom bushing for the hour glass and loved the effects

USD$ 5.00