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Tracker Classic Ex-Track TruckProduct #: T-EXTRACK

We just finished building this limited run of Classic Tracker Ex-Tracks. Many of you remember riding these on “Pig” style boards in the early 80’s. We poured these from the original molds and have built them with original Tracker, old school style base plates. These are drilled with the old school bolt pattern only! Both the hanger and base plate have been polished and they feature black upper and lower cushions. Our Ex Tracks are made to be ridden and, as with all Tracker Trucks, come with a full guarantee! Hanger length: 5 inches. Axle length: 8 inches.

USD$ 30.00

Tracker Classic FulTrackProduct #: T-FUL-SILVER

Due to numerous requests for the classic Tracker FulTracks, we have tooled up, cast, and assembled the original FulTracks. Our FulTrack hangers and baseplates are cast from original molds, and the baseplates feature the old school mounting hardware pattern. The hanger length of the FulTrack is 106 mm. We have assembled these trucks with black upper and lower cushions for better authenticity and both the hanger and the base are high-polished, just like they were in 1978. We do expect that these will sell quickly so if you are thinking of purchasing a set we suggest you do it quick.

USD$ 30.00

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