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Tracker Classic Wing Cruiser Black CompleteProduct #: TR1180

Tracker Cruiser Deck with the Classic Wing logo. 7.5 X 29 inches with kick nose and kick tail in a medium concave. Complete with Dart Mid Tracks (89mm) and Tracker Start wheels 65mm wheels 83A

USD$ 69.50

USD$ 99.50

Tracker Classic Wing Cruiser Yellow CompleteProduct #: TR1182

Tracker Cruiser Deck with the Classic Wing logo. 7.5 X 29 inches with kick nose and kick tail in a medium concave. Complete with Dart Mid Tracks (89mm) and 64mm wheels 82A core hub wheels

USD$ 69.50

USD$ 99.50

Drive Shaft Cruiser Complete w/60mm Eye Wheels and 129mm DartsProduct #: TRDRC

The Tracker Cruizeline is for casual cruise ride on the streets. 7ply canadian hardrock maple with flat nose and good kicktail for quick steady ollies. The concave is medium high. 7.5 inch width X 27.5 in lenghth with WB 15.25 with Tracker Mid Tracks + Cruiser wheels 65m 83A

USD$ 89.99

USD$ 159.95

Tracker Classic Black bushingsProduct #: TT-G

Tracker Black bushings / cushions for old school trucks - 88A hardnessA set of 2 (top and bottom cushions) per truck.

USD$ 3.00

Tracker Assorted Sticker PackProduct #: T14SP

NEW stickers just arrived! Another small batch of classic logo Tracker stickers arrived this week from the printers. These newest ones are the classic yellow and black – a color combination that ran in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The sticker pack has a total of 12 stickers and includes 2 of each of the various sizes and logos. Buy the pack and you save $9.00 than if you were to buy them seperately.

USD$ 15.00


What used to be standard application is making a strong comeback in the performance side of skateboarding. Bearing spacers allow you to eliminate axle bite on your bearings and keep everything rolling a little more smoothly and quietly.Available in a pack of 4

USD$ 2.00


Rubber shock pads give a smoother ride as well as added clearance (1/8″) for wheel bite. Available in the 6 hole pattern.Sold in packages of 2

USD$ 2.99

Tracker trucks Superball CushionsProduct #: TK-GR

# Superball Cushions – 82A Blue Swirl# Superball Cushions – 88A Orange Swirl# Superball Cushions – 95A Green Swirl

USD$ 3.00

Tracker Hourglass replacement cushionsProduct #: TK-HR

Used pro dominantly on the RT-S or RT-X trucks with the 2.25″ kingpin, the top bushing is a 1/4″ taller.The Hourglass effects the turn and allows for a much quicker, snappier turns necessary in the slalom application, Though a lot of different riders have swapped out just the bottom bushing for the hour glass and loved the effects

USD$ 5.00

TRACKER - Forty Years of Skateboard HistoryProduct #: T-BOOK


USD$ 49.99

Tracker Classic MidTrackProduct #: T-MID-SILVER

Manufactured for the upcoming Lords of Dogtown movie, we made some extras!These are just like the very early Tracker MidTracks of the late 1970’s and early 80’s. The hangers are high polished to beautiful shiny finish and feature Tracker’s second generation “gnarly” style pivot. The baseplates are cast from original molds and feature the old style bolt pattern only. The baseplates are also polished to a beautiful chrome-like finish and assembled with the utmost care. We are building these MidTracks with the original barrel style lower cushion and a traditional tall conical top cushion.

USD$ 30.00

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